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"….and yet I had started so well …
years of studying, a degree in jurisdiction, management of a company, a serious job.
If I had continued down that road, today I would be a different person.
Definitely richer but a lot paler, instead he won his passion for the sea and for the sharks. All in all, his dream.
I started to dive all over the world in all the different oceans, until the day that the sea became my office! From the predators of the business world, to those of the coral reef. I found myself in an adventure that I could have never imagined. I witnessed certain shows that have never before had a public showing."

Alberto Luca Recchi journalist and photographer, tells the tale with his photos of 20 years of the life of the oceans.
The giants of the sea are his passion.
In particular he has dedicated the largest part of this activity to sharks, participating in research parties all over the world.
He has then told of their habits and secrets in films,conferences,tv shows and publicised material
-    Discovering Sharks
   Sharks - mith and reality
   Sharks (with Piero Angela)
-    Within the Mediterranean (with Piero Angela)
-    Marine Exibitions (with Piero Angela)
-    The wonderful world of the sea
     (cd-rom with Piero Angela)
-    SHARKS - A mistery to discover
     (cd-rom with Piero Angela)

His photos have appeared in the most important Italian and foreign publications and have received numerous awards and acknowledgements

He created and led ‘objective sharks’,the first Italian expedition to look for sharks in the mediteranean sea and organized the exhibition ‘Sharks’ which was, with over 300,000 visitors, the largest success of the Expositon Palace in Rome and of the Arrengario in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

web: www.recchi.it | www.mostrasquali.it

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