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Beatrice Luzzi - "The wife "

Her origins are from Tuscany and Trieste but she was born and grew up between Rome and Sardegna.
‘Particularly lively’ was what was written on her school report. She swam, danced, did athletics, skied, sung, played the piano and these are only a few of the activities she did to learn about the world and to learn about herself.
During adolescence at the Liceo Classico Mamiami she often questioned the meaning of existence and embraced the search for ones identity; enjoying group events, parties etc … and five years of experimental theatre, magnificently directed by the English born Sean Patrick Lovett, of which many great talents have been discovered.
She started at the age of twenty working for RadioRai,in particular ‘Radio Uno Jazz’, for the variety show ‘Viva La Radio’ and also for ‘Via Asiago 10’.
Then she returned to Sardegna for a two year break, her, the seagulls and her dog. She studied and received a degree in political science from Rome University and then left for Brussels and spent one year at the University Libre and another year at the Humanitarian help for the European Commission. It was enough to make her decide that if everything is a ‘bluff’ in life then it is more coherent to bluff in ones job.
After a brief experience as a TV journalist for TG1 with ‘TG Ragazzi’ and none the less a Telegatto she decided that the only direction for her was that of an artist.
She started her acting career , which took her in very few months , thanks to the wonderful role of ‘Eva’  in Vivere, Canale 5, to obtain another two Telegatti and extreme popularity … and as a consequence the inevitable changes that this career can bring to ones life.
She eventually left the role of Eva and created and carried out several poem recitals, of which the most emotional those recited in the Albe di Segesta. She received several literary awards and acted in various theatre shows (The Taming of a Shrew and Sex in the City). Once and for all with the show ‘ Lettere di Miguel’ based on a desperate Argentinean, she realised how much commotion and commitment  are needed for the theatre.
Life has many faces, but as a single mother, and as that of a stepmother, the television recalled her to RAI Uno  as an over seas correspondent for ‘Linea Verde’ and also for various soap operas ( Maresciallo Rocca, Don Matteo, Sospetti, Giorni da Leone).
 She was involved in an English film by Guy Ritchie, along side Madonna In Swept Away.
Growing up we all know that becoming independent is more fun and we all become big kids again and this is when her comic streak finally came out and gave her the freedom to express herself for 25 episodes of  ‘Call Center’ on the Happy Channel.
She has also studied the ‘Stanislavskij Method at the Actors Studio with great artists such as Greta Seacat, Bernard Hiller, Allan Miller and Nitamo Montecucco. They helped her to remember to affront everything and to continue the inner search for lightness and balance. This research has helped her more than any other thing to become and to grow into a better person.
The future? ... between downpours, hunger and splendidly sunny days ….

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